Wednesday, April 6, 2011

chipmunk aishiteru (menunggu) zivilia

Things are definitely a lot better than when I last posted! Hi everyone!!! Massive apologies for not updating on here for so long... love u all... hmmm but i mainly use youtube lately... yeah music is kinda universal things...

I few of you have been suggesting I get back to blogging... yeah i'm here rite now..

IT WAS AWESOME!!! The music is so much better live... the song was sang by zivilia n the title of this song was aishiteru... yeah i know some of u had heard this music for many times.. n i know i'm out-the-date becoz this song had released just few years ago.. but its not too late kan ??

Okay, okay where can I start?

Chipmunk! Pretty good! Except it was all hand bobbing shizz from wannabe gangsters as the supports o_0 but Chipmunk was very good :].. suara chipmunk nyanyi lagu ni... sangat funny n senanya aq nak dedicate this song to '' someone'' yg always keep on my side besides my family... he cares about me ( awak sihat ?? dah makan, n blah blah )... texting wit me everyday .. n dia sgat funny mcm chipmunk...
I tell him everything and he tells me everything yeah we discussed about our future careers n ... make me laugh.. L.O.L !!! sometimes aq rasa aq ni mcm ego x tentu pasal.... aq selalu mengelak n bagi bnyak alasan standard ( busy lah )... yeah n now he understand me... hehehe,,, yg plg penting we're not couple!!!... we're still be best frenz 4 eva...

I think I like him as my best frenz also but I don't know whether to tell him because I'm absolutely terrified of losing the friendship. YEAH FRENZ n FAMILY means more to me than anything in this world and I wouldn't know what to do with myself if we weren't friends.... kan musyukKK ?

In news about that, I told him how I felt and we tried it out for a while ourselves in a relationship together. We are still best friends and we're both with other people now .Thanks for your advice, encouragement and support regarding the situation. It really was appreciated...FRENZ 4 EVA!!!

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